Haida's Give Away. Percutian Ke Karangbunai

Got no job and task to do.

Blog walking n i found this. It's HAIDA'S GIVEAWAY 

Rules..simple one. 

1. Became her blog reader/follower (elah,nak promot la tu). But its a really good idea (kempen secara bersih)

2. Post an entry/comment related to the quiz.

Here I go.. dushhh..!!

This is the price. That is not a black n white gift. Its colourful. U win, u'll know what the colour is.

Is this toilet slipper? nope.! Its sumtg chicky for a girl. U win, u know what is this.

And this is her product. Got one for my beloved sisters.

published on her blog too. here




hadiah : 3 keychain + sepasang hairclip

cara menyertai :

very simple..just be my follower n tglkan jejak anda di komen entri nih.... kalu bleh tglkn emel la..sng nk contact...

then kalu rasa rajin, wat la entri utk giveaway nih...skadar utk tlg promote kn jer..tp xwat pn xpe.. just kalu anda ad ms lapang jer

**pemenang 2 org : 1st dpt hadiah misteri, 2nd dpt hadiah di atas**

tarikh tutup : 27 oktober 2010

selamat men-join k~~ :D


note: misteri gift. sound good.! yaaahaa.!!


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