What To Do If You Hate Your Job

Is This My Next Exit

Drew Carey once said:

“Oh, you hate your job? Why didn’t you say so? There is a support group for that. Its called EVERYBODY and they meet at the bar.”

For all those who agree with Drew Carey, things like ‘You don’t appreciate your job ’till you lose it’ or ‘Try to imagine your life without your job. Then, you will understand its value’ or ‘Well, every job has its pros and cons’ have no meaning.

But is there any way to make a tedious job a little more enjoyable?

First of all, my opinion is that if you don’t like your job, you should quit. If you hate your job, you’ll hate yourself as soon as you’ll start missing that cool and happy person you once were, who used to make every moment count. I am not saying that what we do defines who we are, but do you really think that you won’t eventually lose yourself if you work your ass off at a job you don’t like?

However, for most of us, advice to quit our jobs may seem cursory. In fact, the risk of losing a job, without knowing what you’ll do next, is high. That’s why we remain at jobs that give us nothing except for a paycheck. The good news is that you can do some things to make the boring working hours a little less painful.

Decorate your working place

Add your own personal style to your workspace. For example, if you are working in an office, adorn your work table with fresh flowers or small indoor plants and take care of them. Fresh flowers will make your day – they’ll give you something to care about, other than your job. You can also put some of your favorite paintings on the wall or some frames with photos of your beloved ones on your work table. That will make you feel comfortable and happy every time you look at them.

Let the sun in

Ventilate your working place at least twice a day. Open the windows as soon as you arrive in the morning, and again in the afternoon for about an hour. Fresh air will make you feel as fresh as a daisy.

Combine your job with a hobby

I spend about two hours commuting for work. This transportation would be a complete waste of time, if I hadn’t found something more creative to do in between my job and my home. My hobby is writing, so I write short stories while I am in the subway. I only write them in the specific time and place, so I have one extra reason to wake up in the morning. You can also try to draw figures, read the newspaper or listen to your favorite music.

Get to know the people you work with

Don’t stick to work relations with your colleagues. During break, try to get close to the people you work with; you might have a lot more in common with them than you think.. If you make some good friends in the workplace, they’ll make you smile every morning.

Find a hobby!

Do something enjoyable every day besides work. Find a new hobby and put it in your schedule right after you finish your job .That way you’ll have something to wait for every day. What’s more, there are many things to do inside some companies. Find out if there is a gym in your office, or if your colleagues have created any basketball teams or music bands you could join in!

Find a new office flirt. --- not acceptable by me. 

Finding a flirt from work won’t only make the boring working hours a little less painful, but it’ll make them a lot more interesting. Plus, having a flirt will make you want to look good every day. And research has shown that when you are groomed, you are in a better mood so you’ll work with more pleasure. Just be careful; your flirt shouldn’t be married, or your supervisor (if you want to stay out of trouble!)

Change your point of view.

Sometimes we claim to hate our jobs because we like being griped or ungrateful. It’s also possible that if we change some little details in our job, it will seem a lot better.

- Try to avoid the routine. Divide your duties so as to do different things every day. For instance, if you choose to do your favorites things every Thursday, that will make this day a lot different.

- Be organized. Try to keep order in your office. When your working table is a total mess of papers, you definitely can’t be focused and calm.

- Be more creative. Change your writing materials and the computer programs you use every so often. This is kind of refreshment. You can also think of changing the route to and from your job. Wake up a little earlier and discover new ways to get to work.

- Take charge. Talk with your supervisor about your deadlines and your duties. If possible, try to arrange them yourself. That will save you from unnecessary pressure.

Some of these tips will work for sure. But, if you still feel really pressured – and keep asking for that raise you deserve, but never get – its time to reconsider quitting your job, or even start thinking of changing your career.


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