Blood Type Diet

Type 0:

·Emphasize animal proteins
·Focus on anger management
·Engage in aerobic exercise to reduce stress
·Control Type O impulsive behavior
·As you age, vigorous exercise is crucial

Type A:
·Emphasize vegetables
·Concentrate on stress management
·Engage in yoga or gentle exercise to reduce stress
·Take naps or frequent breaks to stay focused
·As you age, a regular sleep cycle is crucial to keep your health in balance

Type B:
·Vary your diet
·Focus on creative outlets
·Engage in walking and meditation to reduce stress
·Avoid emotional overreaction
·Mental activities are crucial to retaining memory as you age

Type AB:
·Eat smaller, more frequent meals
·Focus on cultivating your natural spiritual tendencies
·Break up your day with physical activity to feel more energized
·Avoid feelings of isolation
·Be aware of your environment as you age, to avoid susceptibility to bacterial infections


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