Physics And Me

Asalamualaikum wbt & heppi gud day..
Once again ladies,gentelmen,guys,gurls,sister and brother..
How r u out there?
Ni Hao ma?
Waras bu..?

Aku dan fizik. Fizik dan aku.
I really damnly extremely likes physic (to mention that i realy realy loves physic)
Terkenang penulis kepada Mr. Goh merangkap guru fizik tingkatan 4 dan tingkatas 5 di S.E.R.A.T.A.S.

9 years ago..damn!its fizik again. Mr Goh came in to the class and every single 'things' became really really quiet.
Yeah..I love that moment. With the full respect, plus fear,horror, panic and etc.
For the 40minutes every single eyes + ears + focus was on the black board + Mr Goh.

6 years ago..2002 the SPM result came out. My fizik result??
Its a miracle! (meminjam kata kata my fizik student at misi jaya)
Awesome! (meminjam lagi kata kata my fizik student at misi jaya)

Thanks god, A for fizik.

Present..2009 03 03;
A part time tutor at Misi Jaya for SPM physics class.
I am going to share my experiences, tips, and every single knowledge I had with my little brothers at sisters.

Memetik kata kata my student;
Then my target is to change the mind set + a better result for future from C to an A


1 Response to Physics And Me

March 06, 2009

Bagusnye ko ngjar fizik lagik tu. Tringt zmn skolah dulu, kl ttgl 1 unit jer, kene rotan kat tgn. Pastu kene denda sekupang..Kuasa veto ditgn Mr Goh. Haha

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