What Happen To My BMI..Goosshhh!!

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Tiba-tiba aku rasa nak memeriksa tahap kesihatan badan. Walaupun terlalu kerap menilai melalui angka-angka kesihatan aku tak pernah risau. Tapi hari ni tiba-tiba this is a big deal for me..
GOssshh!!I am overweight guy. Is it real. Yeah..just admit the reality. I got 25.8 which mean 0.8 more than require index. 

They said i am slim enough. They said because i am tall. But the BMI said i am overweight.!! Pity me.

Last time when I was on final year at usm my weight is around 65kg-72kg. The final reading before i graduate was 67kg. One year later after I got job the weight increasing to ~83kg. Where did the 16kg came from??? Stomach?muscle?Maybe. How can the 16kg is hidden inside my body without major physical changes.

CHANGE MY LIFE  as pak lah said might be a better way to reduce the weight till 78-80kg.

till again.....79kg.


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