For Sale 1991 Toyota : MR2

For Sale 1991 Toyota : MR2

Everybody needs one of these. Found for sale on ebay…
*Thrust provided by 2 General Electric T-58-3s turbines (with logs)
*Runs on Jet A fuel, probably will run on diesel fuel
*4 fuel tanks
*Self starting and quick
*Fire detection
*Fire suppression
*Roll over protection
*Power steering
*Power brakes with heavy duty brakes and slotted discs
*Tires rated @ approximately 170 mph
*Drag chute but never needed
*Intercom and mike/ear piece for your helmet

I think its street legal except for this little excessive noise issue
The car is thrust only, it has no reverse
*No compressor stall through 145 mph
*Air intakes are on the sides and top of the engine cover
*For fast salt flat running a modified engine cover is put on to take the air off the top of the roof to supply more air and keep salt out of turbines
*The car has twice run on the salt flats
*The first time it wanted to fly @ 140 mph
*The second time, after adding the spoilers and air dam, it stayed solid through 187 mph with a lot more room to go

Shipping is the responsibility of the buyer, I will include a towbar


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