Aduh Saliha (Aduh Pak Lah)

Malaysians queuing up for the latest 'gift' from their government.

Did you join the queues and fill up your tank ah? That's the question I get asked most often the past 24 hours. Well, the answer is "No" I didn't queue up to fill up my car's fuel tank. Instead, I stayed home and thought about the fuel price increase and how it will affect the Malaysian people. While thinking about this I also thought...Eh? What la! After 50 years under this government we have come to this? How can? Okay 50 years with the Barisan Nasional playing our guardians and managers of our resources here's some of what we got...............

The Petronas Twin Towers
Proton cars
Coffee Bean
The Eye on Malaysia ferris wheel
KLIA International Airport

..............and so the lists can go on and on and I am sure that Mahathir will glow listing his many "achievements" for Malaysia. But today I am thinking "Eh! Wait a minute! After 50 years of BN's progress and development I am now being told to...

Change my lifestyle to cope with rising costs. Change my lifestyle? If I change it anymore things won't be 'better than Ghana' anymore la. Like a blogger said this morning, "how to change? I don't take holidays. I don't drink. I don't party. I don't buy expensive clothes. I live a very moderate and thrifty lifestyle already." So how? The kerajaan flers want to tell us, "Here's how la......


Doesn't it make you want to kill somebody when you watch that video?

And another thing is this. Can somebody please tell me why our government always seems to choose this way of telling about price hikes. It's not like "Hey people we can't subsidise anymore la. Sorry ah. So please be prepared for a major increase in prices of (this and that) which will take place in 6 months from today." Clear, transparent. Understood. Right? Wrong. That's not the way.

"No there will be no increase. Well, maybe there will be la but we will inform you in plenty of time. We don't want to burden the people la."

"No definitely no increase."

"No there will definitely be an increase. Soon."

"Maybe there will be an increase. Later this year la"

And then.......BOOM!!! Surprise! Surprise! The increase is effective NOW! Caught ya! I can almost hear the laughter from the cabinet room!

So after 50 years of Barisan Nasional....

The Twin Towers are no longer the world's tallest building.
Proton cars are 2nd grade junk that nobody really wants.
Putrajaya is anything but jaya these days. And nobody wants to live there or work there. Costs too much to drive there with the un-subsidised fuel prices these days.
Cyberjaya is anything but jaya or cyber with residents still waiting for broadband connection for their homes which are supposedly located in the middle of the multi-media super corridor.
Of course, with the new rate of inflation not many people can afford to spend RM15 on a cup of stylish coffee anymore.
Ride the Eye on Malaysia? Nah. Been there done that and it wasn't that great. And by the way the ferris wheel looks a little rusty these days.
KLIA? Who the hell can afford to travel these days? And with petrol at RM2.704 per liter nobody can afford to go to the airport even if they had free Air Asia tickets to fly.

So, thank you Barisan Nasional. You sure did us all a big favor.

credit: Naimah



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